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Welcome to
G.A.C. Überseehandel e. K.
Mr. Dix von der Decken established this company in 1990 as purchase office in German for
Asian Companies.
Why you need your own purchase office in Germany.
Germany is not only Mercedes, Siemens or other big companies working on an international basis, but thousands
of small and medium manufacturers, known for their reliability in production and delivery. How to find them? How to
communicate with them? How to explain our special needs in any respect to them?
We know from experience how to handle your goods from the factory up to your place. In our fast moving age, transport
methods, speedy forwarding of goods, low freight-rates and financial arrangements are often the essential factor.
Not to mention the handling of your documents.
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Do you want to purchase German technology?  
But you don´t know how
to explain your needs to German manufacturers?
  Dix von der Decken is your professional purchase office located in Germany!

Our present main activities are:
Industrial equipment/machinery for:
- Steel industry
- Refrigeration / Cooling systems for:
      - Fish processing
      - Meat processing
      - Pultries
      - Concrete industry
      - Chemical industry
      - Pharmaceutical industry
- Food industry
      - Food production systems
      - Packaging systems
- Conveyor + Transport systems
  for Industrial use
- Filling systems
  Piping systems for chemical industry
- Used Equimpent